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United Homeowner Associations Think Tank
The UHOA is calling for volunteers to form a Think Tank.  Its purpose is to study and recommend to the UHOA Board of Directors, means and procedures to implement the 'Ounce of Prevention' initiative.  
Interested in learning more?
More than 10% of Bloomfield Township residents are over 80 years old.  Many of those live alone.
What is the "Ounce of Prevention" Initiative?

We, who live in Bloomfield Township, are indeed fortunate to have exceptional emergency response and senior services.  However, many of our residents are either unaware or need assistance to avail themselves.  It is the mission of the United Homeowner Associations to close this gap by initiating an information campaign directed primarily to our seniors.  

For those who wish participatein becoming a member of the Ounce of Prevention Think Tank, please complete the application form.
How did you hear of our call for the Think Tank?
Thank you for submitting your application.  You will be contacted shortly with more particulars.

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