Bloomfield Township Alert Network
Stay informed - Stay aware - Stay safe
Bloomfield Township's new direct alert network keeps residents informed of events that may affect their health, safety and welfare.
Bloomfield Township utilizes the Township Alert Network (TAN) to send messages to residents notifying them of emergencies, road closures, storm warnings, amber alerts and other important public notices.  It's simple to become part of this network and it's free.   

Endorsed by the United Homeowner Associations
Signing up 

You may sign up for one or all.  
They are all free.

To receive TAN by text message:
    Go to to sign up and select 'text     message only'.

To receive TAN by text message and email:
    Go to and select both message methods.

To receive TAN through Nextdoor 
    Your neighborhood must subscribe to the Nextdoor     system.  Go to to enroll your     neighborhood.

To receive TAN through Facebook:
    Go to facebook/bloomfieldtwp and click on 'Like'
United Homeowner Associations in support of the
Bloomfield Township Alert Network
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