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Westchester Survey
The following form is a survey requested by Mr. Jeff Salz, president of Westchester Village, a member of the UHOA.  Mr. Salz has been reelected to his HOA presidency after an extended absence.   His is looking to upgrade his HOA documents and procedures and is seeking input from other UHOA members on certain regulations practiced by others.  He will gladly share the survey results with participants.  If survey results are requested, please furnish name and email address at bottom of survey.

After completing the survey, click on 'submit' and your e-form will be forwarded directly to Westchester Village HOA.
Regarding HOA dues:
Are your dues mandatory?
Collection method, if mandatory membership:
Architectural Control Guidelines:
If 'yes' what style?
About perimeter fences:
About Twp.Building Codes vs.Deed Restrictions:
About roof height: Are you more or less stricter than building code:
Architectural Guideline Review:
Does HOA Board hold membership meetings to review variance requests?
General Information
This survey is for the benefit of Westchester Village Homeowners Association.
Mr. Jeff Salz, president.
Email:  president@westchestervillagehoa.com
This survey is for the benefit of Westchester Village Homeowners Association.
When complete please 
click on 'Submit'

Mandatory dues - yes
Mandatory dues - no
Yes - Maintain common areas?
No - Maintain common areas?
Yes - file liens
No - file liens
Yes - Collection Agency
No - Collection Agency
Yes - Use Small Claims Court
No - Use Small Claims Court
No - Allow fences
Yes- Allow fences
Chain link
Solid wood
Less strict
More strict
roof - more strict
roof - less strict
roof - same
Yes - Variance mtg.
No - Variance mtg
roof - unknown