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​Meeting Schedule

Officers/Directors Meeting
September 20, 2017
7:30 p.m.
Bloomfield Township Fire Hall

General Membership Meeting
To be announced

News & Announcements

Adams Square Subdivision
Upper Long Lake Estates
Shorewood Hills Subdivision
Colonial Hills Subdivision
Forest Lake Estates
Birmingham Farms Sudivision
David Littman
Mackinac Center
for Public Policy

Leo Savoie
Bloomfield Township

Christne Tvaroha
Senior Center Director

Art Aisner
Editor of Patch

Leslie Helwig
Township Communication

David Hieber
Evaluation Manager
Oakland County Assessing

Dr. Vickie Markavitch
Superintendent of Oakland
County School District

Anthony Long

Robert Meisner
Pete Matejcik
Community Liaison

Tim Emeigh 
Oakland County
Road Commission

Marcia Gershenson

Paul Secrest

Shelley Goodman Taub

Al Zaparackas

Bill Griffin
Bloomfield Township
​Assessing Department

Mark Metszler
Oakland County

Kyle Lewis
Johnston Lewis Assoc.
The UHOA presents featured speakers at our general meetings and Round Table forums whose topics are germane and informative.  We wish to recognize and thank the following individuals that have participated in our speaker series.
Dedicated to preserving,
promoting and improving  the Bloomfield Township Homeowner Associations and our community through united action.
Major Shift in lien Policy
for Special Assessment 

For Township residents creating a Special Assessment District (SAD) for street improvements, a lien was placed on the property which had to be paid in full upon transferring the property.   We were informed that the Governor recently signed into law that any balance will now treated as an annual assessment, therefore the balance can be assumed by the buyer.  As details become available we will notify our members.

From State of Michigan website
HB 5202, sponsored by state Rep. Mike McCready, gives homeowners increased flexibility when dealing with special assessment liens. Under current law, homeowners that want to sell or refinance their homes must pay off the entire lien in a large lump sum payment. This act limits the amount of a lien on property assessed to the amount of an installment payment.
 Associations Make Emailing Simple
     The problem: Many of our members face the problem that when officers and directors rotate all of the association correspondence is lost since all emails were sent and received in personal email accounts.  Association communications and documents are nearly impossible to recover. 
     Solution: Get a free email account dedicated exclusively to the association, say, yourassociationname@gmail.com. In this manner all incoming correspondence is directed to one address which can be administered by, say, the association secretary. All incoming and outgoing correspondence is permanently retained on file for future directors/officers reference.   Your master email addresses/street address directory can also be maintained in this email program.
     Bonus:  Having a permanent address saves having to constantly update everyone's records each year or when officers/directors rotate.  
Our Story

The United Homeowner Associations believes in the value of organized community associations for the value they bring in maintaining property values and the building of the sense of community.  

Why do neighborhoods organize:
  • To address a particular concern.
  • To empower residents.
  • To build community.
  • Achieving neighborhood goals.
  • Provide a common voice.
  • Holding social events.
  • Organizing neighborhood projects.
  • For those that are curious about forming a neighborhood association the UHOA recognizes there is a great deal of information available on the subject, however a place to start for a general overview is here

About Us
The United Homeowner Associations of Bloomfield Township, Inc., is a non-profit association of homeowner groups comprised of 60+ member associations with a history of over 40 years.

The UHOA works to promote vital neighborhoods through good government, quality schools, and civic involvement. It holds regular membership meetings annually and additional director and officer meetings.

UHOA works closely with local government on issues of code enforcement, township elections, and taxation. 

Working with a local vendors the UHOA has obtained discounted insurance rates for officer liability insurance.

UHOA also acts as a resource for member associations when they become involved in local enforcement actions and conducts workshops on various issues that affect our members.

UHOA further acts as a clearing house for common problems individual associations encounter and discusses issues that are urgent at the time.​

The UHOA has provided a reference library to the website to assist its' members in dealing with operational issues that arise in the operation of a local homeowners association.  









P.O. BOX 7212




Attorney Robert Meisner

Guest speaker of a UHOA Presidents Roundtable discussion covering the 
legal aspects of a homeowner or condo association.
Township Supervisor Leo Savoie

Round Table discussion of subdivision'
road resurfacing.
Insurance Agent Kyle Lewis

Discussion of Officers-Directors
Liability Insurance.
Mark Meszler - O.C.R.C.

Comparison between Oakland County and Bloomfield Township in creating a Special Area Assessment
Dr. Vickie Markavitch

Superintendent of Oakland County School District discussing.
Representative Mike McCready

Panel discussion of creating and servicing a Special Assessment
District. (S.A.D.)

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- Assistant for Special Events

- Archivist  >

Information regarding volunteering for UHOA  >
UHOA Seeking to Appoint 
One Additional Director
Appointing two directors still leaves one additional directors position open.  Duties involve attending seven directors meeting a year and perhaps some committee functions.  If you have interest in serving on the United Homeowner Associations Board of Directors please contact the Communication Director, Dave MacInnes, for additional information.  
Guest Speakers at UHOA Functions
The I-75 Square Lake Road interchange is cleared of mature vegetation.  Nearby residents say the trees and shrubs provided a natural sound barrier from the freeway.  The vegetation was removed in preparation for construction that will begin Monday, August 22nd.          See full article
Township Takes On MDOT Over I-75 Noise
In a strongly worded letter to sent to the Michigan Department of Transportation by Supervisor Savoie it is apparent that the Township fully intends to support the UHOA members bordering the portion of I-75 preparing for major road renovations.
Letter may be viewed here

President's Note:
As the I-75 reconstruction project begins the Township has been approached by more than one association with concerns regarding noise - both perceived increases since the removal of trees this spring and in the long term. The Township is exploring greater involvement in attempts to both improve communication between impacted residents and MDOT in attempts to influence sound abatement actions, if any. Sound generation by freeways and sound abatement are complex topics, as are the inter-relationships of different elements of the same. UHOA encourages its members potentially impacted by the project and/or any abatement designs to get involved in the process, communicate your support/ideas/concerns regarding any current activity or proposal and be an active participant in determining the outcome.

To that end, we are contacting our members to relate that the Supervisor has indicated this will be discussed during the Township Board of Trustees meeting on Monday Night 8/22/2016 at the Township offices at 7:00 PM."  

Ron Berndt - President UHOA
Bloomfield Township Residents
Brace Themselves for Noise from I-75 Construction
January Membership meeting held at Township Senior Center
As a departure from meeting during a weekday at the Township offices or Fire Hall the meeting was held at the Senior Center on a Saturday morning. The general feeling was it was a welcome change and the buffet was a nice touch. The main topic was UHOA's introduction of the Digital Reference Library. This is a listing of articles written by others having to do with the many facets of administrating an association. The Library can be found on this website under 'Members | Library' in the main menu, above.

For the newly elected neighborhood association board member, the UHOA has put together a manual which should prove helpful to get them up and running.  We call it Serving on the Board Boot Camp.  It's intended to cover the basics of understanding and serving on a board of directors.  Again, you can find it in the Library.  

For those members unable to attend, the newsletter covering the meetings activity can be seen HERE.